Tips for Choosing a Digital SLR Camera

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Who does not want to have a DSLR camera? Besides the technology is far above the pocket camera, many people feel more confident and stylish, if you use a digital SLR camera. If you intend choose best DLSR camera and buy it, following his tips so that you will not regret in the future.
  • Adjust to your needs, because the price is quite expensive DSLR cameras. Generally there are three levels in this type of camera. Namely the entry-level, medium and professional.
  • Support for the products. For example, how long the warranty is given vendor, and whether the warranty is valid in Indonesia alone or applies globally.
  • Choose products that clearly. Today many vendors are issuing a digital SLR camera. Of course, you must select a vendor who already has experience, as well as an extensive sales network.
  • Antishake feature systems. Because the pictures taken at the dim lighting or taken from a distance will be prone to blur (blur) due to hand movement or the camera that is not accidental. Image Stabilization is designed to avoid this.
  • Speed, either speed or the speed of focus photograph. This is required if you frequently photographing a moving object eg: a car that was speeding or birds in flight.

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