Desist Cancer with Raw Vegetables

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Fortunately for those who like to eat raw vegetables. Many studies conclude that raw vegetables may reduce cancer risk.

The results Roswell Park Cancer Institute, New York showed those who ate broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower without cooking at least three times a month, have a reduced risk of bladder cancer by 40% compared with that not running this habit.

The study mentioned above conducted by surveying 275 people who suffer from bladder cancer and 825 people who did not have cancer. As a result, those who do not smoke and eat at least three servings of vegetables, broccoli and cabbage every month to avoid a bladder cancer by 73% than the smokers who ate fewer than three servings of raw broccoli and cabbage.

But keep in mind that the benefits of vegetables as an antidote to cancer is not applicable to the cooked vegetables. Research leader, Dr. Li Tang, said the process of cooking vegetables could reduce the isothiocyanate compounds (compounds that can reduce cancer risk) between 60% to 90%.

In addition, the report, published in the journal Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention says that eating five servings of raw vegetables such as beans, carrots, corn, and dark leafy vegetables may reduce the risk of lymph gland cancer by 50 percent.

Want to experiment with raw vegetables? Dining Karedok or vegetable salads more often!

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