Coffee Table (Couchtisch)

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A coffee table (German: Couchtisch) is a basic item of furniture in most living rooms and is often added to complete the overall look of the room. Just a white coffee table serves as a splash of brightness that is reflected throughout the living room. There are many types and styles of a white coffee table, which are also recover in a variety of price ranges. The advantages of a white table in the living room that the room appears larger, and thus the whole appearance looks much cleaner.

Among the couchtisch  are mainly to be the favorites, which are made from teak. But many variations, which are made of oak, cherry, maple, beech and ash, are represented on the market. Most high-quality models are made by hand and then coated with shellac or a special water. The coffee table made of wood, which is specially made by a European or English oak, is presented in a more robust quality than those that are made from American oak.

First, the material from which the coffee table made plays white is a great role. He too quickly gives up the ghost, or whenever motion almost falling apart, you should take a very stable wood or who may opt for whitened glass. Second, adjust the table in the basic pattern of the space may not seem like a foreign body, and must be adjusted to application. Third, we must of course the budget did not lose sight of. It is possible to get a white coffee table starting at just € 70.00.

Many coffee tables made of wood can enjoy this color that stands out further by some fine grains. Besides the design is the durability of a wooden coffee table is a central element. The tables come every day and there are usually very much used. Therefore would softwoods like pine, not a good choice. Also dark conifers often proves impractical, as it scratches, various abrasions and dust looks very fast. For a small budget is on a coffee table made of wood the pine again a good alternative. This makes it easy to produce and quality is not very high, she moves in the lower price range. Hardwoods such as cherry, teak and oak already belong to the upper price segment. A coffee table that is made from these woods is a little more expensive but offers a long life, which is combined with a little maintenance.

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