New Planet Discovered in the Solar System

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A group of astronomers believe they have discovered a new planet in the solar system. The planet is believed to size four times larger than Jupiter and located at great distance from the Sun.

The existence of the planet is still to be seen. However, some circles believe that the evidence has been gathered through the observation of NASA's telescopes, WISE. Data related to the findings of the planet will be published this year.

Daniel Whitmire of the University of Louisiana Lafayette, U.S., believe that the data could prove the existence of the planet in two years. "If true, I and my colleague, John Matese, will be turned upside down. And, it is not easy at our age," he said.

For a while, the planet is named Tyche. The name was taken from a Greek goddess who determines the fate of a city. Tyche allegedly is a giant gas planet, the same kinds of planets like Jupiter.

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