When Human Began Kissing?

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Habit of kissing may have been very common man. However, exactly when we started that habit, it becomes an interesting mystery to examined.

Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of The Science of Kissing reveals, "Evidence of the oldest literature that reveal the history of kissing is a habit of Sanskrit texts from India, that is from 3,500 years ago."

However, Kirshenbaum revealed that the habit of kissing may have existed before that time. According to him, the human species may have started their habit of kissing since they first existed.

Kissing habits of human beings may have a genetic basis that is consistent with other living things. This is evident from the similar behavior found in a kiss that some species of animals.

"Bonobo tongue sucking each other for 12 minutes, the turtle's head hit each other, wrapping one another giraffe's neck, and the dogs always lick anything," Kirshenbaum describes several examples.

The difference is that there is a kiss similar behavior in animals can not say based on emotion or motivation, such as love. Animal behavior is still categorized as an instinct for mate selection.

Furthermore, in an interview with National Public Radio on Wednesday (02/13/2011), he said that human lips may also be designed to support activities such as kissing. Because the lips are rich in nerve endings that are connected to the brain.

"In this case, our lips are an erotic zone.'s lips is truly the way we are to interpret the world," said Kirshenbaum. Minor sensation as the signal from the touch of a toothbrush can be felt on the lips.

Conduct a kiss is one example of behavior that diturukan, either naturally or through assistance. "Humans seem to have the drive to connect with others in this way, although also influenced by culture and personal experience," he said.

Human lips that are used as a means of kissing lips may be more sensitive than other species. Lips chimpanzees, for example, not as sensitive as human lips that kiss on chimpanzee behavior is more similar to the hug.

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