Sun Issued a Hurricane of Fire

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The sun poked flames on February 15, 2011 last. Overhung flames that occur belong to class X2 and classified overhung the strongest thing that ever happened within the last 4 years.

The flames are huge explosions on the sun's atmosphere which can release energy by 6 x 10 (25) Joules. Flame is divided into several classes based on power, in which the largest is the class X.

Flame can affect all layers of the sun's atmosphere. Flame will increase the temperature of the plasma up to millions of Kelvin, produce radiation of different wavelengths and cause mass burst corona.

Tongues of fire that occurred yesterday strongest comes from the number of sunspots in 1158. Flame is a flame tertama of the current solar cycle (Solar Cycle 24) which began January 8, 2008 last.

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