Amazing 10 Theme Song Game World's Most Memorable

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One of the elements that most affect the quality of a game is the theme song in it. Undeniably, the music that accompanies every action the main character played a key role to bring more atmosphere to play the maximum. Music really can change how someone perceives something.

You are not likely to feel the sadness in a plot game without the presence of appropriate music. So also with feelings of anger, fear, tension, or excitement. The Musics that brings it all.

1.Super Mario Bros
Nothing can beat the typical music that presented super mario bros on the nes first. Ear-catchy, funny, adorable, but at the same time is able to present a tense atmosphere. Even those who never played video games at all in his life know mario theme song. Amazing? Of course.

2.Victory Fanfare (final fantasy series)
3.Frog’s theme (chrono trigger)
4.Halo theme song
5.“!” theme song (metal gear solid)
6.Zelda theme (legend of zelda)
8.Ryu (street fighter series)
9.Hellmarch (red alert series)

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