Amazing 15 True Facts About Starbuck

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With revenues of $ 10700000000 years ago and 16,850 stores in 40 countries, Starbucks is certainly the highest coffee retailer in the world. Coffee giant recently celebrated his 40th birthday this month but showed no signs of slowing. Heck, this brand is so well recognized around the world did not even put his name on the cup again.

In recent months Starbucks has announced new partnerships with other coffee companies, grocery stores and plans to move to digital content and introducing new products. In some stores you can have wine with your coffee.

1. Starbucks has added an average of two stores / branches every day since 1987
2. the city of Santa Fe Springs, California has the highest concentration of Starbucks stores with 560 branches in every 25 miles
3. Starbucks has 137,000 employees or "partners" that they call in 2010. This is twice the population of Greenland.
4. Starbucks opened its first store in Beijing in 1999 and now there are 376 branch stores in China. They expect to reach 1000 in 2015.
5. Starbucks customers an average of 6 times per month visited the store while 20% of loyal customers go to the store 16 times per month
6. Starbucks uses 2.3 billion paper cups annually
7. Starbucks uses more than 93 million gallons of milk per year, enough to fill 155 Olympic-size swimming pool
8.Kayu sweet chip scone Starbucks have more calories than McDonald's quarter pounder with 480 calories
9. The Trenta slightly bigger than your stomach with a capacity to hold 916 milliliters. The average stomach has a capacity of 900 ml.
10. The original Starbucks in Seattle sold percangkir coffee 8 oz. During the expansion, they added a 12 oz and 16 oz and then get rid of 8 oz and 24 oz and finally add 30 oz Trenta

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